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CCTV Drain Surveys
Badge reading unblocking drains 24/7

Finding the source of your blocked drain

While having a blocked drain in your home is never pleasant, at least these days the resolution is far simpler than it used to be in years gone by. If you can recall a situation when walls needed to be broken to access a pipe, or a large part of your garden dug up, you’ll know that having a blocked drain could spell disaster – particularly when you accessed a certain part of the sewage system and still couldn’t see what was causing the problem. With our advanced CCTV drain surveys, we are able to thread a camera through your drains and see exactly what the camera picks up on our screen. As a result we can quickly ascertain where the problem is and will then be able to resolve the blockage.

When you realize that you have a blocked drain or toilet, you will need to establish whose responsibility it is before contacting a plumbing service. For example, if the main sewer pipe is the issue, your local council might be in charge. You might also share a pipe with your neighbor, so would need to establish whether the blockage has come from their home or yours. Sometimes this can be determined only by professionals who will carry out drain surveys on your property.

Drain Inspection

Our specialist services include:

  • Carrying out drain repairs
  • Conducting thorough drain surveys
  • Resolving blocked drains
  • Emptying tanks
  • Attending to blocked toilets
  • Sewage treatments

Getting a toilet unblocked

Few things strike fear into a homeowner’s heart more than a blocked or overflowing toilet. Not only is this particularly unpleasant, it could also pose a health threat so should be resolved immediately. The problem could even be the root of a tree that has clogged the sewage lines, when the tree isn’t even on your property. We’ll be able to locate the problem and resolve it for you with speed.

Contact us

No matter who is ultimately responsible for your blocked toilet or drain, you need to be aware of flood prevention, so the more rapidly you can attend to the situation, the better. Our team at Canford Drains has been responding to emergencies in the Poole area for decades so contact us

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