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Blocked Drains
Unblocking drains 24/7

A blocked drain needs immediate action

There are always good warning signs that a drain is becoming blocked. The moment you notice that water is taking a while to drain out of the sink, bath, or basin, it is a sign that your drains are becoming blocked. You might also start to notice a tell-tale and rather unpleasant odour that accompanies the slow-draining water, and then you’ll know for sure that you need to investigate. You should be aware that drains almost never unblock themselves, so the sooner you take action the quicker your problem can be resolved.

The most important reason to take the precaution of having drain surveys and repairs done in good time is flood prevention. Water can be exceptionally damaging to your property and possessions, so act fast to prevent a disaster. Here at Canford Drains, we have been unblocking drains in Bournemouth for decades and are experts at handling a crisis.

Blocked Drain Services

We specialize in providing the following:

  • Drain repairs
  • Resolving blocked drains
  • Attending to blocked toilets
  • Tank emptying
  • Sewage treatments

CCTV drain surveys

Our advanced system of problem location solves the age-old necessity of digging up your garden to locate your pipes. By feeding a CCTV system through your drain, we’ll immediately be able to locate the problem and will be able to demonstrate it to you through the captured images. From seeing the where the problem is and what has caused it, we’ll know immediately how to resolve it. Our experience in locating objects that have been put down a drain or flushed down a toilet provide endless fascination. It’s often the result of a lack of knowledge (such as disposing of excess cooking fat down the plughole) or even the actions of a playful child. No matter what the situation, we’re here to get your drains flowing smoothly again.

Contact us

With our years of expertise, we respond promptly and efficiently, particularly if you have an emergency. Contact us at our Bournemouth office for an immediate response.

Call us now on 01202 880 202
for a fast response on blocked drains

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